The history of the Tannenhof, told by Victoria Foidl, who has taken over the Tannenhof in the 3rd generation.

In the early 50’s, my grandparents Johanna and Josef Foidl,bought the “Tannenhof”, then a rundown old farmhouse which had been vacant for years. Immediately, with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, they renovated room after room, and in 1962 they rented the first appartments to local families. By the end of the 60’s, tourism had discovered our authentical, still unknown region. In 1972my grandparents and my father converted the Tannenhof into a bed and breakfast location, hosting 30 guests, which my grandmother managed with cordial warmth and pride.

As a “Gasthaus” child you are always part of the action. Some siblings, want to later do something quite different. My father Klaus, however, remained in the catering business. After a chef and confectioner apprenticeship, he was employed on cruise ships through Europe and in renowned restaurants. It was a Canadian exchange student, Stephnie, my mother, who persuaded him to settle down.

Joint adventures and mutual interests led my Mom and Dad to the area of Frankfurt where they started a family.
During the next 15 years, my parents supported my grandparents from afar and the Tannenhof became the favorite holiday destination for my two sisters and me . As business flurished, the idea of expansion became a major decision. In 1982, the “Tannenhof” was extended by an entire wing with 12 new rooms and a restaurant.

In 1989 our family finally left Germany and moved to Tirol, to where I always somehow felt “at home”. My parents operated the Tannenhof as a hotel and a successful restaurant. Until the next change of course…..6 years later, in 1995, the original Tannenhof tract was renovated from the ground and once again, redesigned.

To try something new is in our blood. From the very beginning, my family concentrated carefully on how to adjust to the times and requirements of our guests.
In 2014 it was time again. As the next generation “Tannenhof landlady”, I took over the family business and…. completely renovated in a new design! Because each generation invents its own Tannenhof …

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