Glass clear lakes

The local lakes are perfect for swimming and relaxing, for sailing and surfing .
The Frauensee , our favorite lake , can be reached on foot . An idyll nestled in the Alps . A crystal-clear lake , not too cold , just lovely ! Directly on Frauensee is the Restaurant Frauenseestüberl , again a tip for our guests . Let the operators Max and Kevin pamper you with regional dishes. It’s worth it!
Plansee joined with the Heiterwangersee , 6km long and two of the most beautiful lakes in Tirol . Probably the coldest . But it’s an indescribable feeling; after a day’s hike , or a bike tour, just to take a swim the lake. The locals relax mostly on the very first grounds opposite the “Seespitze” restaurant. But there are lots of undisturbed hiding places around the lake to enjoy the sun.
With the guest card, you can take a one time cruise around the Plansee and the Heiterwangersee on the yacht.

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